Gacha Heat APK 1.1.0 MOD Download for Android and PC

You may get the most latest Gacha Heat APK mod v1.1.0 from here for phones and desktop PCs.

4.2/5 – (65 votes)

Gacha Heat APK Details

Name Gacha Heat
Version 1.1.0
Last Update 1 Days Ago
Devices Android
Size 204 Megabytes
Made by Luni
Price Free to play
4.2/5 – (65 votes)

Gacha heat

What is Gacha heat ?

With a blend of gacha components, Gacha Heat provides social gaming.


The initial part of the game is character development, when everyone lets loose their imagination to give their characters a multi-style beauty. Future interactions with the community are also influenced by character design, and participants can engage in more thrilling tasks to earn fresh rewards. In other words, it’s crucial for people to consistently react to the character’s beauty and fashion.


The gacha hot factor dominates the action, as players rely on luck to earn a variety of alluring prizes. When there is enough information or a pace shift for everyone to keep up with or benefit from for their own needs, it also influences a lot of people’s emotions. Additionally staged and promising the most intense feelings, gachas are abundant.

Legal disclaimer or notice:

Amazing New Gacha Heat Guide.

This app was made by fans for fans and is not an official guide from the makers of Gacha Life and Gacha Club for Gacha Heat.

The creators of Gacha Life and Gacha Heat own all rights.

Gacha Heat Download Details

In order to get Gacha Heat Mod, we must first choose the right download link for the device we intend to use it on and then access the download instructions that are most relevant for that device. Gacha Heat is now only accessible for Android smartphones and for computers running Windows, but it’s probable that it will soon be made available for iOS as well.

For Android, Download Gacha Heat APK.

Simply click the download link on top to start downloading Gacha Heat for Android. If you grant the download permissions that your device requests, the download will begin immediately and you’ll be able to play this game on your Android.

Gacha Heat IPA is available for iOS.

It’s incredibly easy to download Gacha Heat for iOS; just click the download button on top. You might be prompted by your device to provide download rights; when you do, the download will begin immediately, and you’ll be able to play this game on your iOS device.

Gacha Heat download for PC

Gacha Heat for PC may be downloaded for free and with relative ease. To do this, simply take the following actions:

  • Use the download button on top to get the download file.
  • Accept the permissions that your computer requests if it prompts you to do so in order to download the file.
  • The download will begin instantly.
  • Gacha Heat may be played on your PC after the download is complete.

The Gacha Heat MOD’s features

Gacha Heat is a video game with a look somewhat similar to Gacha Club, however this one has the difference that it offers a higher variety of customizable attributes when customizing the characters. Gacha Heat has a number of characteristics, including:

  • It enables the creation of animated figures.
  • With these personalities, we may develop storylines.
  • specialized in writing romances or love stories.
  • One of the most well-liked themes in the Gacha world.


Gacha Heat does not presently offer automatic installs because it is a mod application rather than an official program. This implies that in order to stay current, we must be informed of any new updates. We must remove and then reinstall the updated version of the program on our device each time an update is made available. Gacha Heat’s most recent update is version 1.1.0.

Yes, downloadingGacha Heat from luni, the creator, is completely secure. Don’t download it from sketchy sources.

Gacha Heat Apk needs at least 40 MB of space and a smartphone with an Android 5.0 operating system.

Unfortunately, playing Gacha Heat online is not yet feasible on a browser or browser. As soon as you can start enjoying it, we’ll let you know right here.

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